Latest Tidbits Revealed From Lost In Paris Event

Update: 18:50 Thanks to David and others for an updated translation.

The actual French sentence is « La foi aura raison de la science (Locke VS Jack ???) », which means « Faith will prevail over science (Locke VS Jack ???) », which in my opinion has a completely different implication.

Here are few tidbits from Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse from the LOST in Paris Event.

Thanks to Cloclof31 for the heads up and this French fansite LostSaison5 for the details:

NOTE: This is the translation of the site so it is possible something has changed.

– We will learn more about the black smoke in the finale
– Faith is because of science (Jack VS Locke?)
– Vincent is with the survivors at the end of the series
– Kate will make her choice in the Season 6

Posted By: The ODI