A Chat With Damon And Carlton

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BE: Is it possible that the so-called “Losties” could be stuck in some sort of time-loop where they keep time-traveling and never age?

LostDL: Huh.

CC: I mean, one of the things that we really try to do very studiously is avoid confirming or debunking theories. That’s sort of the great social aspect of “Lost,” that you get to sort of sit around and say, “What’s this thing?” You make your own interpretations. For us, it’s a huge part of the show, and we leave things intentionally ambiguous so that those kinds of conversations can arise and take place. So I’ll just say that it’s a very interesting theory, and we will neither confirm nor deny its accuracy.

BE: Are we ever going to discover what Richard’s relationship to the island is?

DL: Richard Alpert? Absolutely.

CC: Aren’t they divorced, but they still have feelings for each other?

DL: Yes, that’s exactly right. They’re divorced, but he has visitation rights on alternating weekends and also two weeks during the summer.

BE: Awesome. And I’m sure that’s exactly the answer they were looking for.

DL: Yeah. (Laughs sarcastically) But, yes, we will learn a lot more about Richard and why it is that he is wrinkle-free.

BE: In Episode 509, “Namaste,” there’s a woman seen standing behind Sun. Was it a production error?

DL: (Long pause) We don’t know what you’re talking about.

BE: Fair enough. And at the risk of asking a question you’ll choose not to answer, why didn’t Sun travel back in time with the rest of the Oceanic Six?

CC: The show will answer that question at some point.

BE: At least two people belligerently demanded to know the whereabouts of Rose and Bernard.

DL: That is an excellent question, and in addition to “where is Vincent,” it’s probably the question that we get asked most about the show. And, “Where’s Faraday, and why aren’t any of the other characters asking about his whereabouts?”

BE: That was next on my list.

DL: I figured. (Laughs) Suffice it to say that the whereabouts of all of these characters will be addressed very specifically in the coming weeks.

BE: So prior to, or at least during, the season finale?

DL: Yes. Within Season 5, the whereabouts of all of those characters will either be discussed or determined.

BE: Will we ever find out why Libby was in the mental institution and if she knew Hurley pre-island?

CC: No, we feel like we resolved Libby’s fate, and for the fans that are still obsessing about Libby, maybe at some point someone will write sort of a “Star Wars”-like novel about the story of Libby, but we don’t consider that to be a major story thread for us.

BE: This may be along the same lines, but…will we ever find out what Boone was trying to tell Shannon before he died?

DL: Oh, you mean what were his dying words going to be had he made it another five seconds? I don’t think we’ll ever find out, because Boone is dead and so is Shannon, so if ever something was moot in the history of the show, it would be that.

BE: Will Walt play a role in the future?

CC: Uh…I think that we will not comment on that because, y’know, to say anything would be to say too much.

BE: Are we ever going to see more of the front of the giant statue?

DL: Why, you didn’t like his back?

BE: Sorry, we need more.

DL: What about his side? Or what about an overhead view? Let’s negotiate here.

CC: The kasus is wardrobe, really. When it comes to statues, a lot of them are naked, it takes a lot of cloth to cover them, and Standards and Practices are trying to find a garment that’s appropriate to cover the statue before we can show it.

BE: So it’s kind of a Doctor Manhattan thing, then.

DL: That’s exactly right. Except that “Watchmen” was rated R, and we’re on ABC. So, you know, you will not be seeing the statue’s fifth toe, if you know what we mean.

CC: (Bursts out laughing)

BE: Will we be seeing more of the statue before the end of the season?

DL: (Hesitates) Before the end of the series, right, Carlton?

CC: Uh…we will see it before the end of the series.

BE: One of the other writers wanted me to compliment you on your use of the rarely-utilized “romantic square,” with Jack, Sawyer, Kate, and Juliet.

DL: We actually refer to it as the quadrangle. That’s a lot more fancy than the square, but I guess a four-sided shape is a four-sided shape.

CC: No, because the thing about the quadrangle is that sometimes the lengths are closer than others, and that’s actually a more appropriate metaphor, because sometimes two sides can be much closer than the other two sides, whereas in a square, the sides are always at the same distance.

DL: Wow, I’ve never heard such geometric precision applied to intercharacter relationships.

CC: That’s pretty much my entire knowledge of math in, like, two sentences.

DL: If only that were true.

BE: There’s much talk on the ‘net about a death which will “rock the fans the way Charlie’s demise did.”

DL: That certainly wasn’t a quote by either of us.

BE: No, I believe it was from someone quoting someone else, who was probably unnamed to begin with.

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