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Question: Was the majorish death you were referring to on Lost that of Caeser in Episode 12? — IanAusiello: Nah. He’s not big enough to garner an –ish, IMHO. Source: EW

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Thanks to Cloclof31 from for the heads up. “WHAT’S TO COMEWe have to wait two weeks for a new episode. Argh! Doubleplusungood.Howevah, they are going to make it up to us “The Variable,” about which we are hearing very good things. Look Menang Ceme for Mrs. Hawking explain stuff like her relationship with Charles
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Getting Lost

Thanks to NIGHTWIN6 for the heads up. This week, in’s Getting Lost video: •Get the latest numbers from our “Lost death pool” — and see how your No. 1 pick to kick it compares with that of a major betting site.• Also on the sad, sad topic of death, Elizabeth Mitchell shares a tease
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Thanks to NoOne and B3rt4 for the heads up. With Lost’s season finale now three-and-a-half weeks (including one clip show) away, Michael Emerson is letting slip some informasi about what’s in store for Ben, the others and, well, the Others. Airing May 13, the Season 5 finale is “so packed with action,” Emerson tells TV
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